Options for Purchasing Frac Hose in Texas

The Need for Frac Hose in Texas

Texas is consistently one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in all of the United States. Fracking is the most popular type of horizontal drilling techniques that uses the abrasive properties of water, sand and other materials to fracture rock formations that may be surrounding pockets of vital fossil fuels.  A mixture of sand, water and other chemicals are placed under pressure and pushed at incredible speed through a pipe or frac hose to forcefully crack shale. If there is an oil or natural gas deposit present in the shale, it will flow up into the well where it can be retrieved.
Metal pipe was traditionally used for fracking but rubber or polyurethane frac hose has become a versatile and budget-friendly alternative. Frac discharge hose is designed after fire hoses; both are used to deliver water at high pressures and have lay-flat characteristics. In addition to being able to handle water at high pressure, this hose is available in long length allowing fewer connection points then metal pipe.  The other advantage of using this hose over pipe is that is routes itself easily over the contours of the land.
The prevalence of fracking in Texas places frac hose in high demand across the state. Frac hose is specially designed to be abrasion resistant and shares many of the same properties as a fire hose. New types of frac hose lay flat, provide excellent abrasion resistance and provide high levels of flexibility that are not possible with traditional metal piping.
The latest frac hoses have enhanced safety properties due to improvements in the rubber casing and improved compatibility with specific fracking chemicals. These hoses are built to handle higher pressures and meet safety standards for even the most demanding oil and natural gas applications in Texas and the rest of the United States.

Supplying Frac Hose to Texas

Major North American suppliers are becoming much more prolific in high production oil and natural gas areas such as Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Larger inventories, better pricing and exceptional customer service are allowing these industrial hose and coupling suppliers to serve customers in these demanding areas better than the local corporate suppliers.
Traditionally, customers would be forced to pay inflated prices for frac hose and other products due to lack of supplier options. Inferior levels of customer service were often tolerated for the same reasons. These suppliers would often have smaller inventories as well which would significantly increase lead time.

Keep Your Operation Running Smoothly

Dealing with industrial hose suppliers with available inventories is the best way to ensure that there are a wide variety of frac hoses and other types of hoses available whenever you need them. Minimize potential downtime by finding the exact hose you need with the help of world-class customer service staffed by industry experts. Discover why more businesses are relying on major alternative suppliers for frac hose in Texas and across the US today.
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